Utility Irons


The AF-903 is a more versatile version of the AF-901 featuring a slightly more compact design with a lower CG. Specifically, the width of the head is 2.5mm more narrow and the CG is around 1mm lower. Additionally, the sole is cambered on both the leading and trailing edges to promote a more efficient stroke through a variety of course conditions.


Loft 20 23
Lie 59.5 60
Offset 4.2 4.0
Length 39.5 39.0

With the EPON brand Endo holds nothing back. While they provide premium forgings for major OEMs every one of those projects operates within a budget. Endo’s EPON products are the epitome of what a forging manufacturer is capable of producing without any limitations. The EPON products are the cream of the crop.

Jeff Sheets
Technical Director-Swing Science
Author-The Perfect Fit Fitting Today’s Golf Equipment to Today’s Golfer