The AF-903 Hybrid replaces the former AF-902 design and is a more compact version that sets up perfectly square at address with a slightly deeper face. EPON introduces a unique weighting system that integrates additional “Sole Weight” uniformly into the heads design through the company’s patented forging process. The result is a hybrid technology that is extremely hot even on off-center hits.


Loft 20 23
Lie 58.5 59
Face 0 0
Length 40 39.5

With the EPON brand Endo holds nothing back. While they provide premium forgings for major OEMs every one of those projects operates within a budget. Endo’s EPON products are the epitome of what a forging manufacturer is capable of producing without any limitations. The EPON products are the cream of the crop.”

Jeff Sheets
Technical Director-Swing Science
Author-The Perfect Fit Fitting Today’s Golf Equipment to Today’s Golfer